New Beginnings

Twenty years ago, Strahd von Zarovich, the Dread-Lord of Barovia was defeated by a band of heroes and the people of Barovia granted salvation. After a hasty flight from the Demiplane of Dread, the people of Barovia numbering some 5000 souls arrived in Gerridor; the homeland of their heroes.

Gerridor is a land that starkly contrasts Barovia. Ruled by the Immortal Empress for over 500 years, Gerridor and it’s neighbors enjoy peaceful prosperity and mutual trade. Upon hearing the plight of the Barovian people and stories of the horror they lived she granted them immediate sanctuary in her realm.

The Barovians culture fit well with their new kingdom’s established order. Strength, unity and a strong work ethic, common traits of the Barovian people, have paved the way to a brighter present than they could have possibly imagined mere decades earlier.

Today you, the first generation combining the strength and perseverance of Barovian tradition with the freedoms and fortunes of Gerridor, step into the world to make your own fate. With harvest season in your home town of Proky having just come to a close and the eagerly anticipated Harvest Festival coming up soon, it looks as though things are finally beginning to look up for you and your people.

But looks can be deceiving, after all.

New Beginnings